Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 11

1) I teach my little baby cousin how to read today
2) It helped me a lot because I can learn while helping him as well
3) I plan to spend some time help my cousin with his essay

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 10

1) Today I write  a essay to improve my writing skills.
2) It helped a lot becuase the better i write the better I get
3) I plan to teach my little cousin who just came from Vietnam how to read English.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Rewrite Essay

           A Useful Blog
           When we talked about blogs they sounds fun and it sounds like it has nothing to do with learning English. But having a blog can help us a lot in many ways to improve our English. keeping a blog is useful for ESL students.
           First of all, having a blog can help us with our writing skills. We can practice writing English and post it on our blog every day. It also helps other to write better English when we write a comment about their writing. In additon,reading  can be  one of the choices that helped us get better at on blog. Looking at our friends' blogs and read everything out loud could  be fun and it also helps us practice our reading skills. Last of all, speaking on the blog is the most important useful thing to help us learn how to communicate with other. We can use Voki as our friend to practice our speaking and post it on the blog. When we are used to speaking on Voki, we can talk to others without being shy.

          To sum it up, a blog can be a helpful tool for many English learners becuase it is easier for them to practice theri English on the blog without getting bored. It is fun and quick way to learn better English.

Day 9

1) I voki myself today
2) It helps becuase when I voki meself I can read so much better without and pressure
3) I plan to write another short paragraph to improve my writing

Friday, December 3, 2010

Blog Evaluations

1) 3 Questions

This assignment helped me because it was a nice start for me to think of some good way to learn English. It also was very helpful because after answering those question I know why i should learn English and what is the  benefit of learning English. I aslo notice that I speak English outside of class more than I read and write English. I know what I needed to improve after the end of the semester.

2) My first English Experience

This assignment helped me because after this assignment I know notice I need to improve my speaking skills. I need to speak English more to learn actually learn how to pronounce new vocabulary. It was a fun way to learn how to read.Therefore my opinion is I can read and write a little better after this assignment.

3) Comments and Following

This assignment helped me because I can learned more about my friends and there ways of
 learning English. I enjoyed doing it because I can improved my English by reading my friends blog and understand what they write. The best part was to give a nice comment. Therefore my opinion is I enjoyed doing this assignments becuase it helps in many ways.

4) Learning Styles Surveys

This assignment helped me because I know what kind of Learning Styles I am good at. It was important for us to know that becuase it would help when we struggle on how we learn English we can changed the Styles of learning and we can learne much more easy and faster. Therefore my opinion is it is important to learned what styles are we good at.

5) English on Campus

This assignment helped me becuase working together was a great experiment. I notice good places where I can do a group project. It was also very interesting how we found out many places on campus that we can practice and learn more English. Therefore my opinion is this assignment was very helpful.

6) Comments and Replies

This assignment helped me because I learned many things from it. When I recieves a comments I know how people think about my work. When I give a comment it was nice because when I dont understand something they said on there work I would ask and get my answer. Therefore my opinion is it was fun how I can put a comment on their blog and they comment on mine.

7)Practice 3 paragraph Essay

This assignment helped me a lot because after this this assignment I know how to write a 3 paragraph essay and ready for my final essay. It also was very helpful because I know the structure of how to write a 3 paragraph essay. Therefore my opinion is this assignment is  help me a lot for my last essay in this class.

8) Daily English 20 days

This assignment helped me becuase in 20 days I improve my writing, reading and speaking skills as well. It also was very helpful becuse each day passed by i can learn different things. Therefore my opinion is this assingment not only helped but it helped a lot in many ways.

9) Daily English 20 days

This assignment helped me because it slowly helps me day by day on how much I can learn each day. In 20 days i can slowly learn little by little  and improve my English in those 20 days. It was also very helpful becuase its not only to improve our English, but it is also an activity for us to enjoy. Therefore my opinion is this assignmetn is very creative and helpful.

10) Blog Evaluation

This assignment helped me becuse it reminds me of everything i have learned in the beginning of the semester to now. It was also very helpful because I learn a lot by reading back the old assignments. Therefore my opinion is this assingment is a very good one. It helps me a lot.

Day 8

1) I wrote a letter to my sister today..
2) it helps  becuase I can practice my writing skill and improve my vocabulary
3) I plan to voki myself on this letter that I wrote for my sister

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 7

A) I been speaking English to my friend the whole day today, they thought I try to show off my speking skills.
B) I feel like my English is getting better and it does help to speak English everyday even when you're not in class
C) I plan to write a letter to my sister about this class in English

Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 6

A) I read an article today and tranlate it into Vietnamese without using the dictionary.
B) It helps because i try my best to translate all the words i know and the rest i would look it up after and learn many new words
B) My plan for tomorrow i would speak English to my Vietnamese friends.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 5

A) I finished the all the A words in the dictionary :)
B) It helps a lot becuase i learn so many new vocabulary words
C) Tomorrow i would read a article and try to translate it in Viet without using the dictionary.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 4

A) I wrote a 1 paragraph essay today, about this daily work using new vocab..
B) It helps me a lot becuase i actually can use the words and understand it .
C) My plan for tomorrow is to finish the A word in the dictionary.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Rewrite Essay

Weaknesses in Learning English
Learning a new language is difficult for everyone. There are many obstacles that we need to get over. We have some weaknesses in how we study English that we will try to fix it.
First of all, we often talk in our native language. It is hard for us to speak English. We are trying to fix this by speaking English more frequently to our friends and family. Making more connection with society also can help us get more chances to speak English. In addition, we have not been made English into our lives. We like to watch dramas, read newspapers, and write down things in our native language. The only way we can conquer it is to change all of them to English and make our lives get connected with America. Finally, and most importantly, we are afraid to make mistakes. We should be brave and at least try and learn from our mistakes. We should keep in mind that mistakes help us grow bigger and stronger.
To sum it up, it is very important for us to get over our weaknesses. Though it is hard, we have to conquer them with confidence. Once we decide our strategies, we believe that we will be able to fix them. We hope our ideas can help you as well.

Day 3

A) I learn many new big vocab words today by looking at most of the A words in the dictionary.
B It helps me a lot beacuse i can now use those new words in my life
C) My plan for tomorrow is to write 1 paragraph essay using the new words I learned today.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 2

A) I speak English the whole day today.....
B) I was proud of myself, it did help me a lot when i actually try to speak english to everyone i know.
C) I plan to go learn some new vocabs trm .... for example - big words i have not seen or hear before.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 1

A) I read an article today online about cosmetology, It was a very interesting article ^^
B) It did helps me a lot because I understand most of the words on the article and learn some new words as well.
C) My plan for tormorrow is to try to speak English the whole day without speaking vietnamese, even to my parents.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Different Ways to Practice English at PCC
I have been looking for different ways to practice English. I have been using the same ways to practice my English, now that I need to some new ways to practice my English. I plan to find some new ways to practice English at PCC.
First of all, I would go to LAC and practice writing paragraph. By writing a paragraph each day, it would help my writing skill better. It is best that the people at LAC help me correct my corrections. In addition, going to the library and spend a few hours reading different types of books would help a lot as well. Looking through books with picture can help me practice understanding the words better. Book can also help practice my reading skills. Last, and most importantly, trying to communicate with others at PCC campus is the best way to practice English. By saying hello to anyone who pass you and try to speak to them would help your speaking improve a lot better. It would be best for you if u can meet a Native speaker and see how he/she talks.
To sum it up, there are so many different ways you can practice at PCC. It’s you who can decide which are the best ways to practice your English. I recommend you try different one don’t just use the same ideas. Try writing more and ask someone to help you correct your mistakes, talks to other more and read more.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rewrite essay

Three Different Ways of Learning 
I enjoy learning in three different ways. There are many ways I can learn better english. But i found three most important way to learn using different learning styles. First of all, I believe i learn best using Auditory learning styles. For example, watching television helps improves speaking skills. While watching television we can actually learn how to pronounce different new words. when I am bored I would liten to the radio to help my listening skills and know how the Native speaker speak English. In addition, Visiual learning is another way to learn english. I learn better when i look at pictures and also at words. When i dont understand the words i would use the pictures to help me understand the meaning of the words. Last of all, Kinesthetic learning style is also an easy way of learning english. Movements can hep me memorize things faster. It also helps prevent us from getting bore by learning when when we actually can move around. to sum it up, there are so many ways to learn English while having fun as well. According to my experience I recommend you to try different way of learning english. In my own opinion i learn more better and faster by looking at pictures, communicate with others and by listening.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Group work :)

PCC's Hallway
( Tian, Chelsea. Jenny, Lu )
1. Linguistic: linguistic can use in the hallway when you are listening other people's talk. When you hear more talk, you can learn more things about English or other language.
2.Visual Learners: hallway is a good place to read a book to improve your English. During your reading, you also can  look around to check is there anything  as same as book said, and understand the mean of the book. 
   (Jenny, Chelsea, Tian, Lu)

1. Naturalistic: The lawn in front of C-Bulding is the second place we chose. We can reading outside, it gives us a relaxed feeling. Also, it is a good place to do group project because we can talk aloud, and say our opinions.

2. Bodily-Kinesthetic: Making flash card is another way to improve English. It is connected with Bodily-Kinesthetic. Also, we can do activities on the lawn. For example, prepare presentation, play drama.



 Interpersonal Intelligence: We chose pool as the third place to imporve English. It is a good place to do peer teaching, talk aloud, step by step with patience.

Musical Intelligence: It's not only a good place to do group work but also a great place to do independent studying. We can listen music there, see how say sing in English, and look at the lyrics.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Kinaesthetic - 11

Naturalistic - 11

Visual/ Spatial - 13

Musical - 9

Intrapersonal - 9

Interpersonal - 15

Logical - 15

Linguistic - 11

Vark Survey #1

  • Visual: 1
  • Aural: 5
  • Read/Write: 6
  • Kinesthetic: 4

Monday, October 4, 2010

Rewrite Essay

 We have some good advice for you about how to improve your English. Nowadays, English has become the most important language around the world. As a result, everyone takes English classes to enhance their English skills. First of all, you learn more English skills by going to ESL classes. In the class, professors will teach you lots of useful of grammar skills, such as, simple present and past progressive. This way, you get the idea of English and keep practicing them in order to use them in the real world. Secondly, you need to spend some time studying independently. For example, watching TV would help your listening and understanding skills. Also, reading books not only enhanced your reading comprehensive skills, but also lets you get connected with the skills you learned from class. Finally, and most importantly, communication is the best way to improve your English. Talking to native speakers will help your speaking skills get more fluent. Therefore, you need to speak English as much as you can, so you will have good spoken English skills. To sum it up, being more active in learning English can help you learn  better English. We hope this helps you get ideas of how to improve your English

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hw #2 v

Get a Voki now!

hw 2

Get a Voki now!

Hw #2

  My first experience learning English was very difficult.  English was not my primary language; it was my second language. I found out that learning new language like English was very hard. First of all, the pronunciations in English were different from my primary language which was Vietnamese; therefore, I sometimes had a hard time pronounce some of the words correctly. For example, the word virus was of the word I had difficult time pronounce it right. However, I thought that learning how to use proper grammar was the hardest thing in learning English which was my second difficulty in learning English. I had difficult time to use the proper tense when I first began writing in English. The third difficulty in learning English was vocabulary. There were a lot of new vocabularies in English that I couldn’t remember and learnt them all. For example, the word Anaerobic was one of the big words that I never heard of, and I never did use it once when I wrote or spoke English. To sum it up, I thought that learning new language like English was very hard. It was hard because there are so many vocabularies, grammar and pronunciation to learn.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

HW 1b 3 questions

a)   Why are u studying English? Explain with details?

I studied English because it is very important. Everyone needs to learn English to live in the U.S. I need to learn English to communicate with the people around me. The most important reason is education and part of education is English. Without English its very hard to get a job. We all should learn English.

b)     Do you use English very much when you're not in this class? Explain what situations you need to use it in.

I use English a lot when I step out of this class. For example, walking around school on my first year of college, I need to ask for my directions. I would ask for help when I couldn’t find the way to go to building L or building D. I use English everywhere I go even at home.

c)     How do u feel when you use English? Are you sometimes nervous, comfortable, or...? Explain.

I feel really comfortable when I speak English; however I need to improve on my writing skill. When I talk to a Native speaker I feel a little nervous because I am afraid I pronoun something wrong. But when I talk to my friends and family I feel very comfortable because their English level is same as mine.