Monday, November 22, 2010

Rewrite Essay

Weaknesses in Learning English
Learning a new language is difficult for everyone. There are many obstacles that we need to get over. We have some weaknesses in how we study English that we will try to fix it.
First of all, we often talk in our native language. It is hard for us to speak English. We are trying to fix this by speaking English more frequently to our friends and family. Making more connection with society also can help us get more chances to speak English. In addition, we have not been made English into our lives. We like to watch dramas, read newspapers, and write down things in our native language. The only way we can conquer it is to change all of them to English and make our lives get connected with America. Finally, and most importantly, we are afraid to make mistakes. We should be brave and at least try and learn from our mistakes. We should keep in mind that mistakes help us grow bigger and stronger.
To sum it up, it is very important for us to get over our weaknesses. Though it is hard, we have to conquer them with confidence. Once we decide our strategies, we believe that we will be able to fix them. We hope our ideas can help you as well.

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