Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hw #2 v

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hw 2

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Hw #2

  My first experience learning English was very difficult.  English was not my primary language; it was my second language. I found out that learning new language like English was very hard. First of all, the pronunciations in English were different from my primary language which was Vietnamese; therefore, I sometimes had a hard time pronounce some of the words correctly. For example, the word virus was of the word I had difficult time pronounce it right. However, I thought that learning how to use proper grammar was the hardest thing in learning English which was my second difficulty in learning English. I had difficult time to use the proper tense when I first began writing in English. The third difficulty in learning English was vocabulary. There were a lot of new vocabularies in English that I couldn’t remember and learnt them all. For example, the word Anaerobic was one of the big words that I never heard of, and I never did use it once when I wrote or spoke English. To sum it up, I thought that learning new language like English was very hard. It was hard because there are so many vocabularies, grammar and pronunciation to learn.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

HW 1b 3 questions

a)   Why are u studying English? Explain with details?

I studied English because it is very important. Everyone needs to learn English to live in the U.S. I need to learn English to communicate with the people around me. The most important reason is education and part of education is English. Without English its very hard to get a job. We all should learn English.

b)     Do you use English very much when you're not in this class? Explain what situations you need to use it in.

I use English a lot when I step out of this class. For example, walking around school on my first year of college, I need to ask for my directions. I would ask for help when I couldn’t find the way to go to building L or building D. I use English everywhere I go even at home.

c)     How do u feel when you use English? Are you sometimes nervous, comfortable, or...? Explain.

I feel really comfortable when I speak English; however I need to improve on my writing skill. When I talk to a Native speaker I feel a little nervous because I am afraid I pronoun something wrong. But when I talk to my friends and family I feel very comfortable because their English level is same as mine.