Saturday, November 6, 2010

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Three Different Ways of Learning 
I enjoy learning in three different ways. There are many ways I can learn better english. But i found three most important way to learn using different learning styles. First of all, I believe i learn best using Auditory learning styles. For example, watching television helps improves speaking skills. While watching television we can actually learn how to pronounce different new words. when I am bored I would liten to the radio to help my listening skills and know how the Native speaker speak English. In addition, Visiual learning is another way to learn english. I learn better when i look at pictures and also at words. When i dont understand the words i would use the pictures to help me understand the meaning of the words. Last of all, Kinesthetic learning style is also an easy way of learning english. Movements can hep me memorize things faster. It also helps prevent us from getting bore by learning when when we actually can move around. to sum it up, there are so many ways to learn English while having fun as well. According to my experience I recommend you to try different way of learning english. In my own opinion i learn more better and faster by looking at pictures, communicate with others and by listening.

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