Monday, December 6, 2010

Rewrite Essay

           A Useful Blog
           When we talked about blogs they sounds fun and it sounds like it has nothing to do with learning English. But having a blog can help us a lot in many ways to improve our English. keeping a blog is useful for ESL students.
           First of all, having a blog can help us with our writing skills. We can practice writing English and post it on our blog every day. It also helps other to write better English when we write a comment about their writing. In additon,reading  can be  one of the choices that helped us get better at on blog. Looking at our friends' blogs and read everything out loud could  be fun and it also helps us practice our reading skills. Last of all, speaking on the blog is the most important useful thing to help us learn how to communicate with other. We can use Voki as our friend to practice our speaking and post it on the blog. When we are used to speaking on Voki, we can talk to others without being shy.

          To sum it up, a blog can be a helpful tool for many English learners becuase it is easier for them to practice theri English on the blog without getting bored. It is fun and quick way to learn better English.

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