Sunday, November 7, 2010


Different Ways to Practice English at PCC
I have been looking for different ways to practice English. I have been using the same ways to practice my English, now that I need to some new ways to practice my English. I plan to find some new ways to practice English at PCC.
First of all, I would go to LAC and practice writing paragraph. By writing a paragraph each day, it would help my writing skill better. It is best that the people at LAC help me correct my corrections. In addition, going to the library and spend a few hours reading different types of books would help a lot as well. Looking through books with picture can help me practice understanding the words better. Book can also help practice my reading skills. Last, and most importantly, trying to communicate with others at PCC campus is the best way to practice English. By saying hello to anyone who pass you and try to speak to them would help your speaking improve a lot better. It would be best for you if u can meet a Native speaker and see how he/she talks.
To sum it up, there are so many different ways you can practice at PCC. It’s you who can decide which are the best ways to practice your English. I recommend you try different one don’t just use the same ideas. Try writing more and ask someone to help you correct your mistakes, talks to other more and read more.


  1. 1)I agree with your introduction, because I am trying to learn it differently too. 2) I like your first idea of learning English. LAC is a good place to learn English in Writing. 3)How often do u plan to go to LAC within a week? 4)Jenny, your ways of learning English are good, keep doing it, you will be success in the future. :]

  2. thank you Chelsea :) i will try my best ^^ to answer your question ... i go to LAC twice a week, or more when i have free time.

  3. 1)same always cant help too much, i agree to find new way. 2)my plans are enjoin club, learn other language and have party. 3) what kind book should we read? 4)nice job and gan ba tte

  4. to answer your question ..... i recommend you read comic books because you can learn with the pictures as well. if u dont understand the words you can look at the pictures :)