Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hw #2

  My first experience learning English was very difficult.  English was not my primary language; it was my second language. I found out that learning new language like English was very hard. First of all, the pronunciations in English were different from my primary language which was Vietnamese; therefore, I sometimes had a hard time pronounce some of the words correctly. For example, the word virus was of the word I had difficult time pronounce it right. However, I thought that learning how to use proper grammar was the hardest thing in learning English which was my second difficulty in learning English. I had difficult time to use the proper tense when I first began writing in English. The third difficulty in learning English was vocabulary. There were a lot of new vocabularies in English that I couldn’t remember and learnt them all. For example, the word Anaerobic was one of the big words that I never heard of, and I never did use it once when I wrote or spoke English. To sum it up, I thought that learning new language like English was very hard. It was hard because there are so many vocabularies, grammar and pronunciation to learn.


  1. i have diffcult in vocabulary too. can i know how do you remember vocabulary?

  2. for me to memorize a new vocabulary, i have to look it up in the dictionary and write down the word and the definition and stared at it for while to remember it.

  3. Wow, we have similar experience.
    Do you have any good suggestions abt how to improve our
    Speaking skills

  4. you should read more and STOP speaking chinese :)