Monday, October 4, 2010

Rewrite Essay

 We have some good advice for you about how to improve your English. Nowadays, English has become the most important language around the world. As a result, everyone takes English classes to enhance their English skills. First of all, you learn more English skills by going to ESL classes. In the class, professors will teach you lots of useful of grammar skills, such as, simple present and past progressive. This way, you get the idea of English and keep practicing them in order to use them in the real world. Secondly, you need to spend some time studying independently. For example, watching TV would help your listening and understanding skills. Also, reading books not only enhanced your reading comprehensive skills, but also lets you get connected with the skills you learned from class. Finally, and most importantly, communication is the best way to improve your English. Talking to native speakers will help your speaking skills get more fluent. Therefore, you need to speak English as much as you can, so you will have good spoken English skills. To sum it up, being more active in learning English can help you learn  better English. We hope this helps you get ideas of how to improve your English

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