Monday, November 1, 2010

Group work :)

PCC's Hallway
( Tian, Chelsea. Jenny, Lu )
1. Linguistic: linguistic can use in the hallway when you are listening other people's talk. When you hear more talk, you can learn more things about English or other language.
2.Visual Learners: hallway is a good place to read a book to improve your English. During your reading, you also can  look around to check is there anything  as same as book said, and understand the mean of the book. 
   (Jenny, Chelsea, Tian, Lu)

1. Naturalistic: The lawn in front of C-Bulding is the second place we chose. We can reading outside, it gives us a relaxed feeling. Also, it is a good place to do group project because we can talk aloud, and say our opinions.

2. Bodily-Kinesthetic: Making flash card is another way to improve English. It is connected with Bodily-Kinesthetic. Also, we can do activities on the lawn. For example, prepare presentation, play drama.



 Interpersonal Intelligence: We chose pool as the third place to imporve English. It is a good place to do peer teaching, talk aloud, step by step with patience.

Musical Intelligence: It's not only a good place to do group work but also a great place to do independent studying. We can listen music there, see how say sing in English, and look at the lyrics.

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